Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates and devotees, Vee and Neo are trending

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates and devotees, Vee and Neo are trending

on Youtube and twitter over an exclusive conversation they simply had during the Big Brother premises.

The BBNaija enthusiasts, Neo and Vee elevated doubts of having gender from inside the Lockdown premises.

All of it started on Wednesday nights after Vee lamented that this chick has not observed their period for your week.

Once more, on Thursday, Neo asked if she gets enjoyed the woman time, putting that this bird seems expecting a baby.

The two are in the kitchen area preparing any time Neo produced a maternity gesture that Vee subsequently endangered to f**k your up and explained him becoming frightened instead. But an unbothered Neo starred along any anxieties before Vee answered to him or her, mentioning: “It would come by the next day.’

If Neo believed to her that this tramp likely simply miscalculated, a visibly stressed Vee disagreed and took note that she’s held it’s place in the top dad home for monthly and on a daily basis.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls the performer, Vee got early cried completely that this bimbo would be sex starved and might maybe not wait straight down for one more 5 weeks if she remained in your home.

Very well, the kitchen chat amongst the appreciate fowl have stirred suspicions from BBNaija fans that are speculating which housemates experienced love-making where there was no cams.

Here are a few reactions from audience lower:

Isaactweet “ Exactly who just listened to the convo between Neo and Vee in the kitchen area?wish Vee is not expecting a baby, course yet to come!Are most of us about to have got a Big friend child?

OfficialGeno “ therefore we understand given that Neo and Vee got gender. In addition, Lord punish kayode. Actually, Vee hasn’t noticed her course and is particularly stressed she actually is expecting. Neo is creating adore it’s no issue for your.”

Temitope852 “ Vee has-been grumbling to Neo about their belated time as well as how Ne9 need frightened. He or she said he’s a grown-up and can not be scared of childbearing.”

MsJojacobs “Does it suggest Neo and Vee had fancy. The key reason why she asking Neo if she’s not just scared that them stage is later?

Romina_Moore “My Jesus never flops. Extremely Vee and Neo had non-safe sex and her cycle are postponed renders her is like she pregnant?

Olori_Renike “Did Vee and Neo have sex? She’s truly focused on this era wey don neglect o. “

Mz_B_b “ I’m certain they’ve been having sexual intercourse for the toilet considering that the cameras dont reveal the restroom.”

Ojurepepe “ Factors steady-going in that household. I’m confident Eric and Lilo too even so they couldn’t reveal.”

Kay_20 “ Vee only instructed Neo he should always be afraid (she hasn’t watched the girl course yet) These two currently sex.”

_Sophh98 “ just how Vee happens to be asking Neo regarding this period thing, they’ve carried out a small number of. I Am Hoping this lady course happens.”

Ajibolaoni4 “ Biggie is about to staying an uncle.”

De_dedun “ So Vee and Neo happen shattering? Wawu. I Am Hoping they’ve been simply joking sha owing duration lose.”

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